Taith trwy Dde Sbaen


[“A Journey through southern Spain”] “… We picked up another motorway at Puerto Lumbreras, and were soon in Andalucía. About the same time we entered the ancient kingdom of Granada …”

Roger Boore’s travel books are unique in Welsh for their crisp contrasts of past and present, of colourful contemporary descriptions and stories old and new.

In this adventure the author and his wife wander through some of the most beautiful, old and fascinating places of Andalucía, includng Córdoba, Seville, al-Zahra and the magical Alhambra. We hear too of forgotten Moorish sultans, the Civil War of 1936-9, the murder of Lorca and the wonderful patience of Manuel Cortés, who hid for 30 years to escape the vengeance of Franco …

But in the meantime, at Wembley, Cardiff City are challenging for the FA Cup! …  

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  • ISBN: 9781855969520

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