Age 9 - 11

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9781855965126 (1855965127) Abracadabra (Barddoniaeth)

Abracadabra (Barddoniaeth)

A collection of illustrated entertaining poems full of imagination and humour presenting a variety of extreme character.


9781855960763 (1855960761) Adeiladau, Pontydd a Thwneli

Adeiladau, Pontydd a Thwneli

Buildings, Bridges and Tunnels, a colourfully illustrated book providing facts and information and suggesting several simple experiments.


9781855969599 Alecs Rider: 2. Pic Blanc

Alecs Rider: 2. Pic Blanc

Alecs Rider, the 14 year old boy recruited as a spy against his will is back at school, where he tries to adapt to his new double life, and to double...


9781855969605 Alecs Rider: 3. Traeth Sgerbwd

Alecs Rider: 3. Traeth Sgerbwd



9781855969612 Alecs Rider: 4. Cyrch Eryr

Alecs Rider: 4. Cyrch Eryr



9781855963061 (185596306X) Ar Goll yn y Jyngl

Ar Goll yn y Jyngl

Bwts and Now need help to solve puzzles and follow maps in order to deliver a set of false teeth to Bodo Bowen in the Amazon. A colourful, fun book.


9781855968493 Brodyr Bendigedig a'r Hwdwch Hyll, Y

Brodyr Bendigedig a'r Hwdwch Hyll, Y

In an ordinary house on an ordinary street, somewhere in Wales, three extraordinary brothers live. They're the "Brodyr Bendigedig" - the...


9781855966659 (1855966654) Bwystfilod Bychain

Bwystfilod Bychain

A full colour illustrated volume presenting valuable information about 14 varied mini-beasts, comprising advice on how to study them and record data...


9781855968462 Caeau Fflandrys

Caeau Fflandrys

A Welsh adaptation of Private Peaceful. A stunning novel of World War 1. It is so absorbing and atmospheric that you will want to keep reading to the...


9781855960428 (1855960427) Camau Cyntaf Mewn Peintio

Camau Cyntaf Mewn Peintio

A colourful volume offering basic information to children who are beginning to take an interest in painting and giving further guidance and creative...


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