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9781855966963 (1855966964) TGAU Gwyddoniaeth Haen Sylfaenol Cemeg

TGAU Gwyddoniaeth Haen Sylfaenol Cemeg

A textbook suitable for all the main GCSE syllabuses, preparing children for Chemistry Double or Single Award. The material is put in context and is...


9781855967014 (1855967014) TGAU Gwyddoniaeth Haen Sylfaenol Ffiseg

TGAU Gwyddoniaeth Haen Sylfaenol Ffiseg

A comprehensive resource, written in an easy to understand style aimed at students sitting their Science GSCE exams through the medium of Welsh. This...


9781855969070 TGCh Hanfodol - Safon U2

TGCh Hanfodol - Safon U2



9781855969063 TGCh Hanfodol - Safon UG

TGCh Hanfodol - Safon UG



9781855961876 (1855961873) Y Blaned Ddur

Y Blaned Ddur

A short novel, about two soldiers who are captured and transported to an alien planet. Suitable also for Welsh learners.


9781855960169 (1855960168) Y Bradwr

Y Bradwr

A short novel for Welsh learners recounting the activities of the Resistance in France during the Second World War. Welsh-English vocabulary. A...


9780946962747 (094696274X) Y Gwr o Phoenix

Y Gwr o Phoenix

A short Western novel with a vocabulary, suitable for adult and secondary school Welsh learners. A cassette, and a book and cassette pack is...


9780000772466 (0000772461) Y Gwr o Phoenix (Caset)

Y Gwr o Phoenix (Caset)

A short Western novel on cassette, read by Frank Lincoln, and suitable for adult and secondary-school Welsh learners. A book and cassette pack and...


9781855961340 (1855961342) Y Trywydd Du

Y Trywydd Du

An exciting novel for teenagers describing the adventures of a gro up of sixth formers during a skiing holiday in Italy. Black-and-white...


9781855963009 (1855963000) Yr Asiant Cudd

Yr Asiant Cudd

A novel for teenagers about an imaginative boy who suspects that his uncle and his friends in London are gangsters. Black-and-white illustrations.


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