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9781855967106 (1855967103) Adar Brith

Adar Brith

We like nothing better as a nation than discussing the lives of others, and that is what Lyn Ebenezer allows us to do in this volume. Here is a...


9781855969599 Alecs Rider: 2. Pic Blanc

Alecs Rider: 2. Pic Blanc

Alecs Rider, the 14 year old boy recruited as a spy against his will is back at school, where he tries to adapt to his new double life, and to double...


9781855969605 Alecs Rider: 3. Traeth Sgerbwd

Alecs Rider: 3. Traeth Sgerbwd



9781855969612 Alecs Rider: 4. Cyrch Eryr

Alecs Rider: 4. Cyrch Eryr



9781855967250 (1855967251) Angst ac Anhawsterau: Goroesir Arddegau

Angst ac Anhawsterau: Goroesir Arddegau

A useful factual book. Family. Friends. School. Love. Health. Image. Teenage years can be a period of endless problems. Here is a book that tries to...


9781855967090 (185596709X) Arwyr Chwaraeon

Arwyr Chwaraeon

Athletics, boxing, cycling, cricket, football, rugby, and more... how much do you know about the country's most famous sport personalities? Many...


9781855963016 (1855963019) Aur Acapulco

Aur Acapulco

A thrilling novel for teenagers about a brother and sister on holiday in Acapulco where they experience sinister and terrifying adventures.


9780946962884 (094696288X) Bedd y Dyn Gwyn

Bedd y Dyn Gwyn

An adventure story set in Africa at the close of the nineteenth century. A novel suitable for secondary school pupils and adult Welsh learners.


9780000271532 (0000271535) Brenin Catoren (Clawr Caled/Hardback)

Brenin Catoren (Clawr Caled/Hardback)

A children's story book about Catoren, a mythical kingdom without a king. A translation from Dutch by Elenid Jones.


9781855966567 (1855966565) Crwydror Mr Mawr

Crwydror Mr Mawr

An exciting short novel accounting the story of the ship officer Robert Vaughan in 1808 who meets pirates, faces mutiny on board his ship and is...


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